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Where remote video work flows

Resources to keep your team creating from anywhere.

Workflow From Home Series

A new online master class about building remote video workflows.

Episode 13: Where We Go From Here
Episode 12: Behind The Scenes
Episode 11: Async Review
Introduction: Remote Workflows
Episode 1: Setting Up At Home
Episode 2: Air Gap Editing
Episode 3: A Remote Post House
Episode 4: Offline Team Editing
Episode 5: Conan in the Cloud
Episode 6: Self Recording
Episode 7: Remote VFX Perspective
Episode 8: Zoic Studios Goes Remote
Episode 9: Resolve Remote Grading
Episode 10: Scaling Remote Post Facilities
Episode 11: Async Review
Episode 12: Behind The Scenes
Episode 13: Where We Go From Here

Additional Resources

Frame.io Stands With You
3 Real-world Examples of a Remote Dailies Workflow
A Fast and Easy Remote Proxy Workflow with Premiere Pro and Frame.io

Resolve Remote Grading Guide

Learn how to set up two DaVinci Resolve systems to work synchronously during a live review session.

Download PDF