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Coming March 2021

Camera to Cloud

The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get footage from cameras to collaborators—anywhere in the world.

Instant proxy uploads

Start editing as soon as the camera stops rolling.

C2C-certified devices capture and encode camera images to low bandwidth, high-quality H.264 proxies and automatically upload them to Frame.io for instantaneous delivery for review or editing—anywhere in the world.

Live Streaming

See the production in action, even if you’re not on-set.

C2C users with proper authentication credentials can view the live stream on a computer, iPhone, or iPad—whether they’re with you on set or halfway around the world. Instantly share ideas that bring the creative vision to life, while keeping track of production progress and staying informed. Live Streaming will be available later in 2021.

Production, Meet Cloud.

Next generation, secure workflow protects your content while distributing it instantly, connecting production with post-production so you can work faster.

See Camera to Cloud in action.

Watch the demos to learn how C2C can keep your team working together, whether you’re shooting script based content or creating unscripted news segments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Grade Security

Frame.io has best-in-class security with full TPN and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. Created by the MPAA and CDSA, TPN is the global, industry-wide initiative that defines requirements and best practices for protecting your content. Combined with rigorous in-app access controls, Frame.io is the safest way to share your media with designated viewers and collaborators.

Pricing and Availability

Camera to Cloud will be available in March, 2021 at no additional charge for all Frame.io Pro, Team, and Enterprise account holders. Flexible, new short-term Enterprise plans let customers and studios purchase the service they need for the duration of their production. Live streaming features will be available later in 2021.

Become a C2C Developer

The new Frame.io Cloud Devices API enables camera and device manufacturers to create products that integrate with Frame.io. To kickstart our next generation of developer partners, we’re releasing sample code in Go, Swift, and C++. Chat with our Cloud Devices team about joining the rapidly growing community of Frame.io developers.

Become a developer

Apply for access to the C2C beta