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Camera to Cloud

The fastest, easiest, and most secure way to get footage from cameras to collaborators—anywhere in the world.

Save time. Work faster.
Tell better stories.

Shoot footage and instantly deliver files from the set to the people who need them the most. It’s a game-changing new workflow that lets everyone from editors to producers and other key stakeholders collaborate in real time while production is happening.

Instant proxy uploads

Send proxies, audio, and other files directly to Frame.io.

C2C-certified devices capture high-quality, low-bandwidth H.264 proxies and uncompressed audio files with matching timecode and filenames. Files are uploaded to Frame.io and automatically distributed to editors (or anyone else who needs them) the moment the Director calls “cut.” Once you use C2C, you’ll wonder how you worked any other way.

Connect to the cloud

Easy to set up, fast to use, simple to manage.

C2C works with the professional cameras, audio recorders, and production gear you already use. Images are sent from your RED, ARRI, Panavision, or Sony cameras to a Teradek CUBE, while sound recorders upload directly to Frame.io. Camera to Cloud supercharges your DIT workflow and also works with software such as Pomfort Livegrade and ShotHub, ZoeLog, Magic ViewFinder, and Colorfront.

Now playing everywhere

Camera to Cloud has forever changed film, television, news, and sports workflows. From episodic shows like the CBS hit Bull, to short-form content for the Golden State Warriors and feature films like Michael Bay’s Songbird, Camera to Cloud is the fastest growing new production technology in years.

Unique takes
Devices connected

See Camera to Cloud in action

Learn how Hollywood productions are bridging the gap between production and post, with collaborators located all over the world.

Production, meet cloud

Next-generation, secure workflow protects your content while distributing it instantly, connecting production with post-production so you can work faster.

C2C-certified partners

In addition to Teradek and Sound Devices, C2C now supports Aaton Cantar X3 sound recorders, as well as software applications such as Colorfront, ZoeLog, Magic ViewFinder App, and Pomfort Livegrade and ShotHub.

Hardware partners

Software partners

Industrial-grade security

Frame.io has best-in-class security with full TPN and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. Created by the MPAA and CDSA, TPN is the global, industry-wide initiative that defines requirements and best practices for protecting your content. Combined with rigorous in-app access controls, Frame.io is the safest way to share your media with designated viewers and collaborators.

Pricing and availability

Camera to Cloud is available now on all paid Frame.io plans at no additional charge. Flexible, new short-term Enterprise plans let customers and studios purchase the service they need for the duration of their production.

Become a C2C partner

Now you can be part of building out the Camera to Cloud ecosystem by integrating your cameras or devices with Frame.io. To kickstart our Cloud Devices API, we're releasing sample code in Go, Swift, and C++ to invite you to our rapidly growing community of Frame.io developer partners.

See documentation

Camera to Cloud Training

Watch Episode 1 of Camera to Cloud Training as Michael Cioni and Valentina Vee go through the basics.

Get your C2C gear at B&H

Get the Camera to Cloud hardware you need. Frame.io has partnered with B&H to bring you convenient, organized kits.